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#118 01-Mar-2018 Mulenga Releases 'Intanda' Single Feat. Emily Hakoola

The wait is over download Intanda below;


Artist (s): Mulenga Chanda/ Emily Hakoola

Song-writer(s): Mulenga Chanda/ Joshua M Daka

Producer( Sound/mixing & mastering):Joshua M Daka of House of Thr33

Guitar: Micah Miyanda

Artwork: Chrispin Chembe Jr. (Aka Sticka) of Chembe Media

Logo/Certified credit: Kapelembe Sikanyika (Aka Jackpott Creata)

Photography/concept: Ryan Saint (Aka Ryan Saint of RJ Photoz/Ryan Banda Photography)

Special thanks: Production Label:House of three( Joshua M Daka/ William K Daka/ Evans Mulwe ) & Funbi Music ( Audio: Hallelujah)

Download Here: Mulenga Profile on Retunes

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#117 15-Feb-2018 Enlightener Releases Hope is Alive feat. Jessy

Just because your plans in life failed does not mean God's plan for your life has failed. You still have a purpose to fulfill and God wants to show you the way. Don't give up. #Hope is alive

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#116 16-Jan-2018 Enlightener Releases It Is Well Feat. Ryan

Ever been at a point were you wonder if God loves you and cares about you due to the things you're going through?This is a song for you.

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#115 29-Dec-2017 Enlightener Releases Jesus Not The Gift Feat. Ryan

Enlightener Releases Jesus Not The Gift Feat. Ryan produced by Teazy Talent at Studio iFlex.

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#114 07-Dec-2017 Tim Releases Heartbeat Feat. Pompi Prod. by Mag 44

Tim, formerly known as Thugga from Zone Fam releases his first single as a solo Christian Hip Hop act featuring well renowned Zambian Gospel musician, Pompi, and produced by Mag 44. This is the first single off Tim's debut album 'TIM (This Is Music)'.

Instagram: @tim_rapper

Twitter: @tim_rapper

Facebook: Tim

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#113 01-Dec-2017 SLAPDEE Releases 'FORGET YOU' Visuals Feat KALU KONGA

Visuals to the song 'Forget You' by Slapdee feat. Kalu Konga. Zambian Socialite, Iris Kaingu, makes a cameo appearance in the video shared by Slapdee on Facebook page.

Be first to watch my FORGET YOU visuals. Happy new month. Share with a Slapdee fan!

Posted by Slapdee on Friday, December 1, 2017

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#112 24-Nov-2017 Chanda Mbao Launches 'The Patriot' Mixtape at Taj Pamodzi Hotel

Brought to you by Paragon Events, the launch event for Chanda Mbao's mixtape 'The Patriot' has finally arrived and we want to invite you to support Zambian music in style! 

Held at Taj Pamodzi Hotel, this will be the first mixtape launch of it's kind and is sure to be a historic live music event. As an additional surprise, Chanda Mbao will be premiering a never seen before music video as a treat to all his biggest supporters. The night is being sponsored by Taj Pamodzi, Ballantine's, Castle Lite, Soundwave Zambia and NeoNova Technologies who have pledged support in the interest of advancing the local entertainment industry. This is only the beginning of what is possible. 

Appearances will be made by Zambian artists/musicians including T Bwoy, Willz, T Low, Scott, Jedi, Vinny Boy, 32 Karat, Blake, Mr. Malz, Trippy Hippy, Kreative Nativez and many others!

Save the date and come to be a part of Zambian music history!

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#111 03-Nov-2017 The Holstar Releases Dreaming in High Definition Album

Holstar's Fourth LP 'Dreaming In High Definition' brings Full circle what has been Ten years of plying his craft. The album has an array of Producers and Artists who Holstar has worked with in the past and in recent times. Dreaming in High Definition is a culmination of his Dreams and aspirations.

Get the album from the following sources:

Amazon | Audiomack | Deezer |  iTunes | Spotify | SoundCloud 


Track    Title                                         Time
01         Dreaming In High Definition     3:21
02         Spirit Of A Champion               2:30
03         Osa Yesa                                 3:23
04         Ngau Ngau                              3:32
05         Mama I Love You                    4:15
06         Nipempako                              4:16
07         Bad Friend Interlude                2:35
08         Love Boat                                4:28
09         Cold World                               3:47
10         Blessings                                 3:17
11         David Copperfield                    4:12
12         Music Is My Passion                4:24

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#110 31-Oct-2017 Classic Releases 'Moment' Official Music Video

Zambian RnB song with a 90's feel, off the Album - 'The Fire Flames' by Classic Greg. The video was directed by Matjaz Tancic and produced by Reddot, shot in Beijing, China at ADstudio.

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#109 11-Oct-2017 The Artsist Formally Known As 'Crisis Mr. Swagger' is Now... 'Chisenga'

I said I was going to announce something important. Delivery was delayed. Here it is! People might be divided about this. It is what it is...

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