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#125 23-Jun-2018 Classic Greg & R.E.D. Release Ndefileka

Here is some new music by Classic, #Ndefileka talks about the many challenges that most Zambian youths are facing in their day to day livelihoods in relation to Employment and survival. The song features RED and was produced by Classic Greg for AR-Records Zambia

Now available for streaming and download here:
Zambian Music Blog: Ndefileka by Classic & R.E.D.

Reverb Nation: Ndefileka by Classic & R.E.D.

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#124 28-May-2018 Classic Greg Releases Jumpa Music Video Feat. RED & Jae Cash

This RnB/Rap fusion song 'Jumpa' which means *Jump* brings out some smooth groove sound. The Video was produced by Ashtrey and Audio produced by Classic for AR Records Zambia.

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#123 26-May-2018 Mic Burner Releases In-Check EP

Been Blood Sweat and Tears,Trials and Tribulations,Snakes and Fakes but I've stayed Consistent With My Efforts and Kept Focus On The Goal!!! Thanks to all My Fans, Friends, Family, Mentors and Supporters. After Shaking The Country And Beyond With Just a couple Of Singles My First Project, The 'IN CHECK EP' Is Ready And OTW!!!

Download Links:
[Deezer] Mic Burner In-Check EP 

[iTunes] Mic Burner In-Check EP

[Spotify] Mic Burner In-Check EP

 [Tidal] Mic Burner In-Check EP

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#122 17-May-2018 Mag44 Drops Neighbour feat. Manaseh & James Sakala Official Music Video

Mag44 releases Neighbour feat. Manaseh (former MKV) and James Sakala. The Official Music video powered by brave only music, radio cafe, platnium properties and ashtry productions. written by mag44, super rhymer and james sakala. produced at radio cafe.

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#121 09-May-2018 Nez Long Drops Van Damme Feat Chef 187 & Bobby East [Official Video]

Music Video For Van Damme By Nez Long FT Chef 187 & Bobby East

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#120 04-May-2018 Bombshell Releases Illest Alive Feat. King Illest & Killa


Bomb$hell X King Illest Worldwide & КILLA So'Good

Producer: musa the beatboi


[AUDIOMACK] Bombshell - Illest Alive Feat. King Illest & Killa

[ZED HYPE MAG] Bombshell - Illest Alive Feat. King Illest & Killa


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#119 01-Mar-2018 Mulenga Releases 'Intanda' Single Feat. Emily Hakoola

The wait is over download Intanda below;


Artist (s): Mulenga Chanda/ Emily Hakoola

Song-writer(s): Mulenga Chanda/ Joshua M Daka

Producer( Sound/mixing & mastering):Joshua M Daka of House of Thr33

Guitar: Micah Miyanda

Artwork: Chrispin Chembe Jr. (Aka Sticka) of Chembe Media

Logo/Certified credit: Kapelembe Sikanyika (Aka Jackpott Creata)

Photography/concept: Ryan Saint (Aka Ryan Saint of RJ Photoz/Ryan Banda Photography)

Special thanks: Production Label:House of three( Joshua M Daka/ William K Daka/ Evans Mulwe ) & Funbi Music ( Audio: Hallelujah)

Download Here: Mulenga Profile on Retunes

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#118 15-Feb-2018 Enlightener Releases Hope is Alive feat. Jessy

Just because your plans in life failed does not mean God's plan for your life has failed. You still have a purpose to fulfill and God wants to show you the way. Don't give up. #Hope is alive

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#117 16-Jan-2018 Enlightener Releases It Is Well Feat. Ryan

Ever been at a point were you wonder if God loves you and cares about you due to the things you're going through?This is a song for you.

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#116 29-Dec-2017 Enlightener Releases Jesus Not The Gift Feat. Ryan

Enlightener Releases Jesus Not The Gift Feat. Ryan produced by Teazy Talent at Studio iFlex.

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