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#16 01-Jan-2007 Dope G Releases Underground Operation.

Dope G's first ever release.

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#15 31-Dec-2006 Takondwa Releases Dyonko (a taste of unsigned greatness).

Takondwa Releases Dyonko (a taste of unsigned greatness).

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#14 10-Sep-2006 Chizzo Releases Rhythm & Poetry 1/2. The first mixtape and solo effort by Chizzo under New Revolution Inc.Tracklist:The Beginning || Am Here || Chizzo Anthem || My Valentine || Niza Chita Chani || Poem One || Ngati Vintu Vili Bwino || Glory, Honour & Praise || In Da S.U. || Chizzo Anthem (Club Mix) || A.I.D.S. || She's Gone/ Lost So Many (Snippet) feat. Bax (Suge) || My Love by Bax (Suge) View In Timeline View
#13 10-Sep-2006 The Holstar Releases Intellectual Property Pt. II

The Holstar's Sophomore Effort, Mostly Produced by The Pope and Partly by The Holstar himself.

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#12 09-Mar-2006 The Holstar Releases Intellectual Property.

The Holstar's Debut Release on his own imprint - entirely Produced by The Pope.

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#11 01-Jan-2006 Pitch Black Releases The Definition. By the 3rd Mixtape, 'The Definition', Pitch Black now consisted of 3 of the founding members; Dyplomat, Carnage and B-Mak. View In Timeline View
#10 01-Jan-2006 The Holstar And Pope Release 'Holstar And Pope Mixtape' (Hosted By Muzo)

Holstar and Pope (Rapper and Producer Duo)All joints mixed by Holstar and Pope, recorded @ The Zone.

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#9 20-Dec-2005 Chilu Lemba Releases Sound Legacy

Sound Legacy featured music written and performed by Chilu with appearances by Thiwe, Adam Lomas, rapper Jon Woo, Afrokun, Mainza and Joe Chibangu, amongst others.

The album is now available as a free download on Chilu's ReverbNation Page: www.reverbnation.com/chilulemba

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#8 10-May-2005 The Holstar Releases the Versatile EP

The Holstar's First EP. Recorded at Noise Lab Recording studio in Chelstone, Lusaka, Zambia.

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#7 06-Jan-2005 First Hip Hop To Rock Your Block Show Airs on Hone FM. Hosted by DJ Drex. View In Timeline View