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#6 02-Jan-2005 C.R.I.$.I.$. Releases 'Officer In Charge'.

The First Commercial Hip Hop Album Released In Zambia. Click to view full biography

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#5 01-Jan-2005 Pitch Black Releases The TUF (Trip Up Future) Lane. In addition to the founding artists, Dyplomat, Carnage, B-Mak, Kabzzz and Erthnik, in 2005 5ive 4our joined Pitch Black and featured on the 2nd mixtape; The TUF Lane or The Trip Up Future Lane. View In Timeline View
#4 01-Jan-2004 Pitch Black Releases The Kolor of War. Artists: Dyplomat, Carnage, B-Mak, Kabzzz and Erthnik. The first mixtape release from the newly formed group, Pitch Black, with founding members; Dyplomat, Carnage, B-Mak, Kabzzz and Ertnik. View In Timeline View
#3 31-Jul-1999 Mondo Music Corporation releases 'The Rhythm Nation Project' compilation.

Mondo Music Corporation releases The Rhythm Nation Project compilation.


  1. Shubuka by Chilu Lemba
  2. Finshi Ulefwaya? by Muntang
  3. Twa Milumbanya by Just Close
  4. Gelo Wanga by Khumawa
  5. It's O-Right by Beige
  6. Sangalala by Black Muntu
  7. Na Bwalya by Meltdown
  8. Sokoneza by Bi-Request
  9. Niswalele by Shatel
  10. Wamvela Bwanji? by Zion Dub Squad
  11. Hatwende Kulima by Serious K
  12. Overcomers by The Cherubs
  13. I Need More by Lindi
  14. Da City by C.R.I.S.I.S.
  15. Chipolopolo 200 by Tribal Cousin
  16. Focus My Eyes by K.C.C.K.
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#2 10-Feb-1994 Alan Mvula a.k.a 'MC Suicide' releases Love Has No Colour Featuring Joseph Nkhoma, Suicide released Love Has No Colour as a prelude to South Africa's transition to democracy in April 94. The song was on regular rotation on ZNBC Radio 4. View In Timeline View
#1 21-Aug-1993 Capellany unveils 'AfroFunk'

At a small intimate show held at Garden House hotel, a sextet called Capellay performed a rap titled 'JB Mulala' which would later be tweaked to become Zambia Moto. They were among the 1st groups to expirement with using venarc in rap. Chilu Lemba was the group leader.

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